California Coyote Hunting

California Predator Hunting at it's Best.

About Us

  We here at California Coyote Hunting have been teaching people how to call coyotes for many years and have been hunting them for over 25 years. Professional Coyote Hunter has been using and making CartridgeCalls since 1996. We have taken coyotes and many other types of game in 11 different states. Called in literally hundreds of coyotes. Coyotes are still a challenge, since you can not predict when and where they wish to show up. I will let anyone who goes with me take the first shot, after that it is fair game if the coyote presents another shot.

  The states hunted are;

  Newly added Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, Nevada and my home state of California.

  Currently we are offering services mostly on weekends. Typically on Saturdays, but on occasion will schedule for Sunday if scheduled ahead of time.

  We are willing to travel to all parts of California, Arizona or Nevada, please try to schedule at least 4 weeks ahead of time so we can make plans ahead of time to go where you need us to go.

  We prefer private party hunts on private property as long as the land owner grants us written permission to trespass. We are also willing to pay a trespass fee if any landowners are willing to strike a deal for hunting.

  We consider ourselves conservationist more than a hunter. We help people who have predator problems and conserve the earth's animal population by taking a predator that is on the top of the food chain out of it. 

General Season

  The California general season for coyotes is all year with no bag or possession limit.(I love that about them).

  The method of take varies on your location.Please check your local regulations.

  Bow Hunting is allowed and applies to the same general open season (all year) and bag limit (none).

  Rim fire Calibers .22 and smaller are not allowed to be used in L.A. county. Check your local regulations it might be different for .22's in your county of residence.

 Check your local regulation at:

 The Nevada season is great it is all year long without a license. Go to Nevada Department of Wildlife for more info.

Condor Range Rules

  Please refer to the link below for all your questions about the lead free condor range. This regulation has fallen into effect on: July 1, 2008

Hunting Coyotes as a Sport.

  It should be treated as important and as carefully as any other sport. I will hunt with unlicensed people as     long as they do not possess any type of weapons.

  I will teach you the art of predator calling just to see if you like it with mouth calls. This way before you go     out and spend a lot of money on the items needed you will at least know if you like it or not. If you would       like to be a spotter or camera man that is allowed as well.

 Here are some great tips :

 Try not to over hunt one specific area

 Try to use different calls in different areas

 Try not to call in the same area more than once every other week.

 Always shower the morning of the hunt to keep your scent down to a minimum

 Call with your face into the wind or to your side I find it to be more successful with the wind to my side so I    can catch the coyotes attempting to come around to wind me.

Preferred Game Calls

  My personal favorite is the .50BMG Jackrabbit CartridgeCall I personally tune and produce in our Veteran owned and operated business. I also change it up with a raspy raccoon squaller in .30-06 and cottontail in .308, When I am up in the mountains I use a Fawn Distress call in .270 or a Doe Bleat in 12ga also use .223 cottontail distress calls at higher elevations.

  As with using all game calls be prepared for all animals to come in. I have called in pigs with my jackrabbit call and bobcats with my cottontail call on many occasions. Also sometimes you will get the occasional stray dog that is not too happy when he sees you are not food.

Best Times  

  I have found that the best times for these are the month before the Dove season opener. This way there is little to no hunting pressure at all. Maybe a few motorcycles are out there but not too many. They don't seem to have an effect on them unless they have been chasing them on their bikes.

  Also another great time is in the third week of spring when the males are trying to get food for the pups. that is another good time because they are starving by this time. 


This chart should help you. It is hard to hunt for something if you don't even know how to locate it or what it's tracks look like.



Caliber Selection

This topic can be beaten till there is no pulse left.

  I personally prefer a .223 although there are many calibers to choose from. Find the best that fits you and go with it. I have hunted them with .17HMR, .22LR ( I would not suggest it for beginners), .22MAG, 12ga, 16ga, 20ga Shotguns, Bows, .22-250, .223, .243,. 270,. .30-06 and found that they are all lethal on them. Of course their ranges vary and there are many factors that play a role for the choice I may choose. In short choose what you want and just have fun. Eventually you will make contact with that first predator and be hooked for a lifetime.